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randy Doering

Metal Sculpture Master

Sculptor Randy Doering

Randy Doering’s interest in metal working began as a child on the family-owned Kansas cattle ranch, “THE DOUBLE H.” Grandpa Hank Doering was the inspiration – he could fix, make or dream up just about anything metal the ranch needed. Randy went on to Kansas State University and earned a BFA in Metalsmithing. He was mentored there by two outstanding professors, Elliot Pujol in metalsmithing as well as Daniel Hunt in sculpture.

Aloha to Randy Doering

In 2005 Randy moved to Oahu to pursue his love of surfing. While he continued his metal work, he also had the privilege to work for one of the best glass sculpture professors in the US while at the University of Hawaii, Manoa, artist Rick Mills. Taking his memories of the crystal blue water with him, Randy then moved from the ocean to the desert. Randy headed off to Las Vegas. In no time, he found himself diving back into his metal craft, working for acclaimed landscape photographer Peter Lik. During this time, Randy continued to refine his metal craft while gaining more experience with the wood aspect of his art.

Randy Doering

Randy’s Metal Method

It was a natural move for Randy to start his own design and fabrication firm, Metal Method Company. His design focuses on the art side of home and business décor including his distinctive metal and wood functional home pieces. Within his metal and wood work you will also find his unique approach to the different aspects of the home that fuse practicality and efficiency with beauty and custom design, such as his statement doors inside or outside the home.

Now living in San Diego, Randy turns again to his love of the ocean for inspiration in creating his works of art. Every wave, every creature seen helps keep his ideas flowing. His techniques are honed daily as he works at his shop, collaborates with other artists on new projects, and searches for new ways to manipulate metal. His goal: that in sharing his self-expression, inspired by the power and brilliance of nature, his art will transform the everyday spaces to reflect the beauty of our natural world right inside your home.



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