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Austin doesn’t consider himself a photographer. Austin is a thrill seeker who thrives off his own fear and learned to take photos of the terrifying yet beautiful places he put himself in. He’s inspired to share with the world his view of the world.

Austin Moore by Laserwolf
Austin – from San Diego grew up shooting waves in La Jolla moved to Hawaii when he was 18 to take surf and high risk adrenaline photos. In extremely dangerous situations he finds beauty. Austin loves the water and considers himself a fish. Inspired by his mom who was taking photos since he can remember, she helped teach him. Austin is addicted to fear and capturing it is just a bonus.
Austin Moore by Kameron Keola
Started borrowing my moms camera when I was 16 and took it to the ocean. Began chasing swells all over Southern California. As soon as school let me out I was headed to the ocean. Once i graduated high school and got a little bit of funds, I put it all into a waterhousing to take the camera in waves. The first day I got the housing I went to my local shorebreak spot, Marine Street. The day was unlike any day I’ve seen. It felt like a sign that I was meant to be here and this time and this was my path. 10 years later still have never seen water move like that. I decided to move to Oahu to attend University of Hawaii. I pushed myself really hard in the water in Hawaii, slowly moving up the ranks. I supported myself with photos selling to surfing magazine, Alaska airlines, freesurf magazine, surfer magazine, O’Neill, volcom, and many other outlets in the industry. As well as working for numerous professional surfers, such as Makua Rothman. The camera gave me a way to spend countless hours learning how waves function. Slowly building my confidence with every near death experience pushing me harder. Saying to myself “well I made it through that, guess I can handle a bigger wave.” It turned me into a fish and I gave me confidence to swim on the biggest days on the North Shore, and even Jaws on Maui. I basically turned into a fish. Training also became a crucial part to taking these images as I had to be in tip top shape. Addictive it became as I love experiencing fear and bringing beauty out of dangerous situations. Mother Nature makes the art, I’m there to capture it.
Land Angle by Austin Moore


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