Ana O.

Artist. Contemporary Painter.

Ana Oborny

ANA O is an exciting emerging artist, free spirit and expressive colorist

Her paintings are often a reflection of what’s swirling around in that beautifully eccentric mind of her’s.

Ana O’s creative process starts with a crescendo of conceptual brainstorming & sketching before she begins to paint.

In 2019, Ana O teamed up with Mont Blanc creating an original work of art using Mont Blanc’a new luxury Luggage line as her canvas aa part of a national in-store event.

Q&A with Ana O.

Artist Ana Oborny and her Butterfly LuggageWhat artists inspired you?
Dali, Van Gogh, Frank Tenny Johnson, Renoir, Warhol, My amazing mom and heaviest influencer, Julia Barber.

What subject matter do you like to depict?
I like to depict any subject matter. From nude figure models to butterflies, to marbles, I’ll paint anything that catches my eye.

What would be your first mural?
My first mural was in Iowa City. It was a giant set of green butterfly wings! I loved it so much I would like to explore more of painting that on sheets of metal or large canvas.

If they named an art movement after you what would it be?
A huge metal sculpture of a paintbrush but the brush tip would be a huge plume of fire.

Who should collect your art and why?
People who love bright colors and rawness. My art has a very edgy feel, but I also have so many great influences in my style…just look at my “Trippin Series” where I bring originality to Iconic classics like Van Goghs Starry Night and Monet’s Lilly Pads.

Artist Ana Oborny PaintingWhat things matter to you?
Authenticity. I put my soul into my art. If I am going to paint something I do it with every fiber of my being. It sounds weird I know, but I kind of dance across the canvas with my paint brush in very fluid motions.

I collect marbles. The crazier colors the better. As a child I would paint these marbles and never really grew out of them. You can find anything from neon to glitter in my paintings. The more obnoxious the better the beautiful chaos.

What do you stand ?
I stand for humility, choosing to be kind and will always stand for love…Fuck hate.

What do you love about ink?
My ink tells a story of various chapters in my life. Every tattoo I have marks a milestone or memory. I want more ink! Maybe a space sleeve in the future or some marbles rolling down my arm?! Or a portrait of John Wayne? Yes, to all of these things!



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